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Another brick in the wall

While my posts are horrendously boring, revolving mostly about tennis, the titles, at least, are intriguing: but it doesn't mean these titles make any sense.

And, frankly, writing about tennis is, sometimes, quite distressing: just like finding something new to cook for lunch every day, when you don't have much money. But right now, there are a few interesting topics: the WTF, although Andrew Moss covered most of the hot questions here. Goffin has a good chance to qualify if Cilic loses in the second round against Karlovic, or if he beats Cilic in the third, but his chances are slim, to be honest. The greatest surprise -- without being one -- is Monfils already qualified.

Another great topic is the race to the no 1 ranking. Novak has only 165 points more than Andy at the Race, so the player who achieve better results in the last two tournaments will finish first. Although Carole Bouchard tweeted that Djokovic looks "much better than in Shanghai : [...] rested and pretty happy to be there", his form will remain a mystery until the first match. But his last interview shows that he still cares about results, so there is hope for Nolefam. On the other side, Murray will be tired. He played a lot of matches recently to make for his deficit in ranking points, and he could pay the price at the last moment.

Anyway, the "real no 1", to return the argument to tennis press, is without doubt Novak. He won more, beat Andy in the process several times, achieved a non-calendar slam, something unprecedented for 50 years, so I guess it's enough for the ITF World champion title, something Chris Kermode doesn't decide about. And if he's fit, playing like he did in the first part of the year (or close), he will show it, because the difference in class is abysmal, and by "class", in don't think the usual meaningless expression. But, if anything, this suspense made many of my friends, mostly Fedfans, rejoice, and I am very happy myself because of them.

(from Yolitatennis twitter account)

After the butter, a few words about the bread. Murray won Vienna, Cilic beat Nishikori in the final of Basel. I didn't have time to watch these tournaments, but I was impressed by the results of Misha Zverev, the brother of the mucho popular Alexander Zverev. It's not only the results, but his game impressed me at Shanghai. I guess the press wrote a lot about this return of the old fashioned slice and volley, but I won't be surprised if nobody mentioned it. Gilles Muller is another player whose results are excellent this autumn, and who goes unnoticed most of the time, despite playing an attractive brand of tennis. He made another good results, after Tokyo, where he played the QF.

I hope that I will have more time to watch tennis and write in the following days.


  1. Muzz is in search of the Holy Grail... any think can happen...

    Spooky! Happy Halloween!
    Muzz #1 (This is just to scare DjokoFan LOL)

    1. I wrote that that would make Fed fans happy, and their happiness is very important for me, although not this much.

      They have two reasons to rejoice: Novak will lose the no 1, and fail to overcome Fed, probably, and Muzza could become no 1 by "vulturing" -- a word defining his whole career -- remaining for ever a... muzzard.


  2. De longues séquences sportives ont pris fin cette semaine : 122 semaines à occuper la position de numéro 1 du tennis pour Novak, 108 ans de disette de victoire ultime en séries mondiales de baseball pour les Cubs et, au rugby, 111 ans de matchs victorieux des vrais All Black contre l'Irlande... Comme quoi, tout à une fin.

  3. Novak a l'air d'un gars en burnous. Je crois que la perte du statut de numéro un lui sera bénéfique à moyen terme? Mais d'ici la fin de 2017, je ne le vois pas revenir au top du tennis puisque, comme un ami me le soulignait cette semaine, il aura une tonne de points à défendre dans la première moitié de 2017. AO, IW, Miami, Madrid, RG...

  4. *burnout, comme dans "épuisement professionnel"...

  5. Mat, rectifions quelques chiffres comparatifs. Top 10 Novak : 16-2 et Andy : 12-5. Non?

  6. Première qualité de ce blogue : l'interaction. 😳

    1. Désolé, 3D, mais à cause de mon boulot il y a des périodes quand je ne peux pas accéder à l'internet. Autrement, si, j'aime répondre aux commentaires de mes rares lecteurs.

  7. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

  8. Il faut dire bravo a Muzz... Perseverance et il a profite l'ouverture d'une porte!

  9. Down to the YEC... Il faut que Muzz fait mieux que Nole... Ce sera plus excitant en finale que ca regle!

    Go Fed Go!


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